TapouT XT – Is it worth your while?!

TapouT®XT is the handiwork of mixed martial arts (MMA) conditioning coach Mike Karpenko – it shouldn’t come as a surprise then that TapouT®XT is totally ‘MMA inspired’.

Through a combination of kicks, punches and elbows with a liberal mix of intense cardio, plyometric, calisthenics and flexibility moves thrown in, Mike Karpenko promises that his fitness routine will help you burn truckloads of lard while making you leaner and stronger. Furthermore, as alleged by the makers of the TapouT XT fitness routines, by using these ‘combat style workouts’, you stand a chance to get totally shredded in 90 days.


Founded in 2001 and marketed by TFitLLC®, TapouT Xt is a home-based MMA-inspired fitness routine that has the potential to transform the process of getting fit into a dynamic and entertaining experience. Its popularity has been on the rise since it was featured on the hit TV show ‘TapouT’. As you may well know, TapouT is UFC’s official brand for MMA clothing, training gear, and accessories. Furthermore, TapouT is the official sponsor of some of the biggest names in MMA today – Ryan Bade, Jake Shields and Chael Sonnen, to name a few.

TapouT has millions of fans all over the world who find inspiration in its training philosophy and knowing that ‘anything is possible if they believe’.


TapouT XT comes as a set of 12 DVDs coupled with a fitness guide and a workout calendar. The DVDs cover different muscle groups and fitness components in 12 intense workouts (each in a different DVD).

  1. DVDs for improving muscles strength– Strength and Force Upper, Buns and Guns, Legs and Back, Competition Core, Cross Core Combat and Ultimate Abs XT
  2. DVD for improving athleticism –  Plyo XT
  3. DVD for cardio conditioning and burning fat – Muay Thai, Sprawl and Brawl, Ripped Conditioning and Cardio XT
  4. DVD for flexibility and balance – Yoga XT


(As you may have guessed) the XT in the name means extreme – and the workouts are extreme indeed. There is no denying that TapouT XT is a workout with a difference and it does seem to work. However, there are downsides. TapouT XT may be bit too intense for those of you who’ve never done anything that resembles a workout – it might be just a bit too daunting, really! To be able to get into the ‘TapouT XT mood’, you need to be at a certain level of fitness. If you don’t enjoy the moves the first few times, you are likely to drop it like a hot potato!

On the positive side, you do have a decent amount of time – 12 weeks – to get used to the moves. So, if you don’t like the moves initially, if you have faith, stay motivated and hang in there, you will see results – no worries there… Also, the fact that this fitness programme focuses on all components of fitness means you are likely to see better results with this that other rival fitness programmes out there.

The makers of TapouT XT have tried to cover all bases as far as fitness goes. (As pointed out earlier) Believe it or not – there’s even a DVD that deals with yoga. Cardio conditioning with strength gains, improvements in reflexes and the much-needed explosiveness for athletes are some advantages that the TapouT XT offers. Even if you aren’t an athlete and are never going 1-on-1 with anyone, this training method is as functional as it gets – meaning, it seems to be for you, me and the whole town and his wife.

Another great thing about the workout – you are drawing from the experience of world-class fighters like Ryan Bader, Chris Lytle, Jake Shields, Cowboy Cerrone, the (gorgeous!) Meisha ‘Takedown’ Tate  and many more.

Credible thing about TapouT XT routines? – The makers don’t promise you any quick fix solutions. Throughout the workouts, Mike Karpenko keeps reminding you that achieving a ‘fighting fit’ body isn’t easy and you need to push yourselves like you’ve never done before.  The deadline for results is also a very realistic one – 90 days. That in itself lends credibility to TapouT XT. Since most ‘sham’ fitness programmes (like abdominal gadgets and fad diets) will promise you (for marketing sake) ‘magical results’ in a few days – which, everyone who has ever tried getting fit or losing fat will know, just doesn’t happen.

Add to the above the facts that with TapouT XT, you can work out at home which gives you more flexibility in managing your time; you can even train while you are away travelling  – so no more missing workouts! Also, no gym memberships, no more driving down to the gym, no more pretense,  no more worrying about ‘who’s looking’ while you train – just you and your intensity!


Those who’ve tried TapouT XT swear by its effectiveness; some even claim to have lost 45 lbs in 90 days – I do read customer reviews but don’t usually believe what they say…However, TapouT XT does seem to deliver on promises – although, I doubt the ‘takes off 45lbs in 90 days’ bit.

Fast-paced kicks, punches, elbows and plyometrics…phew; just thinking about some of the moves seems to make you sweat, doesn’t it? Whether it indeed is your cup of tea is for you to find out. You do, however, stand to learn new skills, and get inspired to transform yourself.

To conclude, TapouT XT seems to be a slightly better option than rival MMA workouts like Perfect Punch by Jay Glazer – there is bound to be more overall improvement because of better designing of routines. Although you cannot afford to miss out on weight training if packing on lean mass is your ultimate goal, it cannot be denied that if your goal happens to tilt more towards losing fat and getting ripped, TapouT XT should definitely be one of the better options.

8 thoughts on “TapouT XT – Is it worth your while?!

    • Well done with the Tapout XT!

      As far as what you should do next goes, let us know what your initial fitness goals were.. and then I’ll come up with a suggestion accordingly..thanks🙂

  1. Great review. I actually just did Tapout Xt and thought it was great. I have done other 60 and 90 day programs and enjoyed this one so far the most. I liked that I never got bored and I got great results.

    I was so pleased that I did my own review and results about it.

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