Modified 5X5 Strong Lifts Program

Right, I am guessing y’all ‘ve heard about the Strong Lifts 5×5 Program made so famous by Mehdi. Having tried it previously I know that it works like a charm and your strength gains are phenomenal. Last time around, however, I’ve had to let go within a few weeks because of a knee niggle flaring up.

After a few weeks (20, to be precise) of shredding phase, I feel I am ready to hit  the strength mode. Hence the need to go on to the  5×5 program.

I have, however, always felt the need to put in a few more moves. Thus, the weighted pull ups, weighted parallel bar dips, weighted press ups and straight leg deadlifts find their way into my modified 5×5 program.

Those of you who don’t have a freaking clue to what 5×5 is: here a little info. It’s rather simple really – the focus is on ‘mastering the poundage’ before loading up the bar further. So, lets take squats for instance. If you was squatting with 100 Kg last week – 5 sets of 5 reps, move on to 102.5 the next time you do squats. Finish 5×5 for that weight as well. So, in every single exercise, you are increasing the weight by 2.5 Kg every week.

While that might sound easy in theory, there will always come a point where you just won’t be able to 5×5 with a certain weight. When that happens, stick with that weight till you are able to achieve 5×5 (or even go lower for a week or so); then move on to the next level.

Want to give it a shot? Here, the program:

(Remember, the workout days are Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday)

(Monday or Tuesday)

  • Squats – 5×5
  • Bench Press – 5×5
  • Bent-over Rows – 5×5

Wednesday (or Thursday)

  • Squats – 5×5
  • Weighted Pull-ups – 5×5
  • Overhead Press – 5×5

Friday (or Saturday)

  • Weighted Parallel Bar Dips – 5×5
  • Weighted Press Ups – 5×5
  • Deadlifts (Straight-legged / Romanian – alternate every week) – 5×5

What I like about the 5×5?!

  • Very realistic strength gains – also tend to get leaner as I deadlift more
  • Makes me concentrate on technique
  • Makes me master the weight
  • Most importantly, I am working on my nervous system

Happy lifting, me hearties!!!

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